A small step towards financial freedom

The first step is always the hardest

Where it started

Craving for answers

As we graduated from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics, we felt grateful for the valuable lessons we had learned. Nonetheless, we felt like something was missing for us to launch our professional life. The multitude of courses on various topics gave us little insights into the practical aspects of managing one’s personal finances.

We knew that we needed to invest so we could benefit from economic growth but… how exactly does one go about investing? What is all the fuss about passive income? Should we really buy real-estate as soon as possible? What is the right long-term strategy to grow our wealth? The list of questions kept on growing, we had an urge to answer them.

… brought us a realization

The path to financial freedom was not a clear idea for us initially; we simply wanted to become successful entrepreneurs. That objective gave us a rather pressing incentive to understand how we could actually sustain ourselves. In pursuit of finding out more about personal finance, we spent and keep spending our time learning about this topic. It built a strong foundation that answered many of our concerns.

It suddenly became crystal clear that if we needed to learn much more about personal finance because we had our personal ambitions: other people would need it for their own aspirations. They would need it for their own reasons, in their own situations. That is when it became evident that personal finance was a big part of personal development and that we tend to forget that. We all have dreams, and we all wish to learn how to make them happen. That is the single most important reason why personal finance matters more than we believe. It is what will allow us to reach those ambitions.

… and it became personal

We believe that our finances should not be restrictive, they should be positive: later down the line, allow us to be hugely rewarded for all of our efforts. If anything, we should keep on learning how to manage them as we grow. Remember, growth is an infinite concept.


It became personal for us, we had to make a change; we had to share our discovery. The days of going to your financial advisors or banks are behind us. They never really provided you with what was best for you and that is why you still feel incomplete, just like we did. Those ways haven’t had a sustainable impact with regards to reducing financial illiteracy, not even in developed economies. They have contributed to maintaining a wealth gap between those who possessed knowledge and those who did not. It was time to try something else. It is time to change that.

How we do it: empowering you to reach your goals in life, no matter what they are.

We enable positive change

Today is all about being aware and feeling confident in our capabilities. The age of technology and decentralization is changing the way we go about everything, especially our finances. As debt levels break records and pensions allowances slowly disappear, we seriously need to take matters into our own hands. It is about becoming proactive and aware, and getting rewarded for it. That is what we focus on doing; empowering young professionals to build their own lives through personal finance.

We observed the financial industry not really make an effort to tailor their services to you. We cannot take that path ourselves: we must put empathy at the core of change. We are here to help you make sense of theory that has too often been made sound complex. It suited the ones in charge. We’re not only democratizing it, we want to give you the keys for you to use it for a lifetime.

… through our customer-centric commitment

To ensure this, we design the whole of our solutions around you. We push you to think in terms what you like, what you wish, and what you don’t. Simply because all of these aspects need to be included in the management of your finances. Personal finance should never leave personal and professional matters aside, in fact, they are all intertwined.  


Since we strive to deliver tools that help become financially independent, we also need to foster the sense of self-fulfillment. Bringing happiness into the equation is crucial to maintaining efforts. In other words, we ensure that you find your own way of prospering. Your finances have to align with your purpose, it is our duty to help you do that.

Empower me

What we provide: our value proposition

Because we understand the importance of actionable information: we aim to provide you with highly diversified and qualitative content. By condensing the most important aspects of personal finance, we provide you with quick and effective learnings. 

However, we do not all learn the same way. This is why we provide you with a variety of content: online courses, tools, case studies, research, tutorials, … We are working hard on bringing you insights that we believe will change your life. We aim for the perfect balance between education and practicality to help kickstart a virtuous cycle for years to come. In simple terms: we work on making you your own financial advisor.

Meet the Team

Grégory Leclercq

Greg’s life changed when he learned about financial freedom. He pledged to do his best to fight financial illiteracy: that’s how financia.io was born. “Everything is a matter of personal development, designing the life of your dreams starts with your finances.”

Stefan Entmayr

Stefan is passionate about new technologies and how to apply them in business. Marketing, data, design & finance are right up his ally. “I jumped on the opportunity to enrich the lives of others by helping them with their personal finance”.

Billy Tran

Billy’s interests and background are in Management and IT. “financia.io represents a challenge on which I couldn’t miss out on. I also firmly believe that any challenge can be overcome through will and effort, especially when you’re starting from square one!”