financia.io does NOT provide any brokerage services. We do NOT provide wealth management services either. 

We do NOT offer any type of loans, they are not part of our value offering. financia.io cannot be considered as a financial institution in that sense: we do not provide nor sell any financial products conceived by ourselves or by others.

Although we do not provide investment advice, any type of counselling or tip from our side, in whatever form, has to be treated as informative and educational content. We are not liable for the consequences of any of your actions. Please do your own research and make sure to make decisions based on your own context and situation. We are not registered as financial advisors.

Please know that investing involves risk taking. Manage risk at your own discretion. Be aware that borrowing money also costs money.

We will never ask for financial credentials such as credit cards or bank account numbers either. This excludes safe payment processing mechanisms for the purchasing of our products and services.

financia.io is fully committed to building a business that educates. We make strategic decisions based on bringing sustainable learnings to our user base worldwide.

Our current value proposition revolves around providing web tools and content to educate on the topic of personal finance as well as enhance the management of our users’ finances.

financia.io does not sell any type of advertising for the moment. 

We do not sell consumer data to any third party and will never do so. This opposes strongly against company values.

Please consult our Privacy Policy for more information.