How to manage your money during a recession

In our previous article “Inflation, recession, stagflation… addressing the elephants in the room”, we introduced the concept of a recession. We sought to understand why the current context seems to edge closer to one. In this article, we will look at what are the best financial practices during times of crisis.

The international mindset

What’s an international mindset? Why is it so important? What can it help us achieve? Why should you cultivate it? All so many questions we raise in this article.

Why your efforts don’t seem to pay off

Working on our finances often requires a lot of effort. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to maintain them mainly because you don’t always get the feeling that you are making progress. Don’t get your hopes down though!

The true nature of financial independence

There are strong misconceptions about what can be truly considered financial independence. We shed light on the true nature of something that is not easy to obtain.

5 ways to get more out of life

We often hear that money does not buy happiness. But is it truly unrelated? We explore several ways in which happiness and money are somewhat intricated and how to make the most of it.