The international mindset

What's an international mindset? Why is it so important? What can it help us achieve? Why should you cultivate it? All so many questions we raise in this article.
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Grégory Leclercq

At, we put a lot of importance on having what we call “an international mindset”. To us, it is a sign of openness and wisdom.

What’s an international mindset?

First of all, let us say that there is no concrete definition as to what having an international mindset really means. To us, it feels like making the extra effort of integrating more insights, from more sources. It feels like “going the extra mile” because we know that there is something out there we will learn; something that will make us a better person.

Somehow, we recognise the potential of opening up to the world, of learning from others. We acknowledge the power of learning from other cultures, other people that have so much to teach us.


Why is it important?

Having an international mindset is acknowledging that we’re not stuck here either. It means that no matter what happens, we have the resources needed to go where we feel best. Leaving one’s country is not always desirable—or at least not at any time—but we’ll be fine living abroad. We’re not scared of what we can find out there.

Why? Because we’re what matters, inherently. We know that we can build, seize opportunities and that most importantly: we will grow from the challenges and from all the encounters. There is nothing like opening up and filling yourself up with the most rewarding experiences.

There is also little doubt that with an international mindset will come fulfilment, wisdom and wealth.


How can you make sure to foster it?

It’s not to say that you can’t really have an international mindset without leaving your country, but it makes it really hard to foster it. You absolutely can be open and aware to learn from what’s happening somewhere else just by being curious and learning. You might also appear to have a lot of insights to offer thanks to that.

However, it makes it really hard if you don’t put yourself to the test. The immersion of going abroad and enjoying it to the fullest. There is no doubt that such experiences act as undeniable wisdom when it matters.


Most importantly

Most importantly, having an international mindset signifies that you are willing to move forward. It’s a blend of courage, curiosity and faith. It’s an ode to life and to our planet for we recognise that we have so much to learn and so long to go.

In the end, we can only grow, and that is what we truly desire. Something inside of us tells us that no matter how much we love “home”, it will never allow us to grow as much as we would hope. We ought to take off. Somewhere. ✈️

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